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THANK YOU to all participants to our event in CastelBrando last week.

THANK YOU because you have been an important part of the SUCCESS of this event and for giving us the opportunity to put YOU AT THE HEART of our attention.

THANK YOU because you demonstrated once again that Cinetto is made of excellent PARTNER who strive to constantly offer our products on the market, because you are our right arm, our eyes and our ears all over the world.

We also hope you have been able to appreciate the concepts of new products and serve to increase the confidence in us.

We also want to thank those who could not come, but we know they wanted to be there. THANK YOU!

For your info, the Cinetto event was attended by representatives from 25 countries and some important names in the Italian and foreign furniture industries.

THANK YOU for making this evening UNIQUE in the hope you enjoyed our efforts to make you feel at home in the Cinetto Family.

THANK YOU, and see you at Interzum 2017, Cologne, Germany.

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