Maderalia 2022

The point

Spain reopens its doors and restarts with an excellent MADERALIA.

An exceptional influx of visitors from all over the Iberian Peninsula, and beyond, once again demonstrates the importance of personal relationships and the great interest in new technologies and solutions for the furniture world:

  • “PS66” a unique and innovative system that allows you to create doors in wood or glass, up to a maximum of 3 meters high by 1 meter wide without any visible rail. The mechanism, which can be fixed to any vertical structure (wall / panel / dry wall etc ..), is in fact always hidden by a purely decorative cover panel.
  • “B-moved” a consolidated logo, which represents a concept of electric opening that adapts to many of the Cinetto sliding systems; without limiting its performance and flexibility.
  • “MODULA” aluminum structure for making furniture with hinged or sliding doors. Available in 4 different versions, this new modular system allows you to replace the classic wooden side with an aluminum side, hollow or with glass, for the creation of any type of wardrobe.

The preparation of our stand was much appreciated, as well as the great attention that our staff has always put in the care of the customer and his needs.

We thank again all those who have visited us and we give an appointment to the next MADERALIA 2024 edition.